Therapeutic strategies, including a high surgical ligation rate: RESULTS (part 4)

27 Jul

Table 3 shows the demographic data for the two additional subgroups; there were no significant differences in clinical outcomes between them.

TABLE 3 Demographics for and comparison between infants treated with one versus two or more courses of indomethacin, among 23+0 to 26+6 weeks’ gestational age infants with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) that was eventually surgically ligated You will soon see how easy it is to start the treatment if you have a reliable pharmacy offering generic levitra professional for sale or any other medications you may need for the specific medical issue you may have that requires treatment.

CharacteristicOne course of indomethacin followed by ligation* (n=19)Two or more courses of indomethacin followed by ligation* (n=56)P
Birth weight, g, median (range)754 (504-950)763.5 (491-1134)0.245
Gestational age, weeks, median (range)24 (23-26)25 (23-26)0.094
Female11 (58)24 (43)0.296
Antenatal steroids*8/17 (47)*34/52 (65)*0.253
Respiratory distress syndrome§18 (95)50 (89)0.671
Small for gestational age0 (0)1 (2)1.000
Inotropes^10 (53)17/55 (30.9)*0.105
Age at diagnosis of PDA, days, median (range)5 (2-17)4 (2-19)0.016
Age at first treatment of PDA, days, median (range)6 (2-19)4.5 (2-19)0.006
Sepsis**15 (79)34/55 (62)*0.261
Severe intraventricular hemorrhage**2 (10)7/54 (13.0)*1.000
Mortality5 (26)8/54 (15)*0.303
Necrotizing enterocolitis**7 (37)9/54 (17)*0.105
Severe renal dysfunction§§4 (21)10 (18)0.743
Retinopathy of prematurity^9/12 (75)*18/42 (43)*0.099
Chronic lung disease***8/11 (73)*36/43 (84)*0.408
Home on oxygen4/10 (40)*18/37 (49)*0.730
Time on mechanical ventilator for survivors, days, median (range)42 (18-64); n=1438 (9-85); n=45ttt0.476
Time to discharge for survivors, days, median (range)125 (86-191); n=11***110 (58-420); n=41***0.364
Age at surgical ligation, days, median (range)24 (8-34)20 (9-54)0.971

*Data given as n (%), unless otherwise indicated.* All PDA ligations were performed on mechanically ventilated infants with a hemodynamically significant PDA based on clinical status, echocardiogram findings and cardiology consultation; fTwo doses of betamethasone 12 h to 24 h apart before delivery; *The denominator reflects the number of infants for whom the outcome was possible, those lost to follow-up and those where the information was not documented; §Received surfactant. HUsed for hypotension and/or myocardial dysfunction considered related to PDA; **Blood culture proven;Grade 3 or 4 intraventricular hemorrhage; §§ Modified Bell criteria stage 2A or greater; &Serum creatinine levels >150 ymol/L, and/or a urine output <0.6 mL/kg/h for >12 h; Threshold or prethreshold disease requiring laser surgery (>31 weeks’ corrected gestational age); ***Radiological changes with oxygen requirements or invasive or noninvasive ventilation at >36 weeks’ corrected gestational age; fffLess than expected ‘n’ due to those lost to follow-up and those where the necessary information was not documented