Therapeutic strategies, including a high surgical ligation rate: RESULTS (part 2)

25 Jul

Of the 196 patients, 80% of the infants had an echocardiogram before any treatment. Seventy-eight per cent had a moderate to large PDA; this percentage rose to 96% in those ligated. All infants with surgical ligation were dependent upon mechanical ventilation at the time of their surgery. There was no significant change in the time on mechanical ventilator from the year before (1999) to the year after (2001) institution of prophylactic surfactant treatment (data not shown).  Rate of PDA ligation
The rate of PDA ligation in infants receiving more than one course of indomethacin (n=88) was 64% (95%CI 53% to 73%). The overall ligation rate for the population of 196 infants was 42% (95% CI 35% to 49%).

Indomethacin success rate
The indomethacin success rate, defined as permanent PDA closure (ie, complete and permanent disappearance of clinical signs with or without a confirmatory echocardiogram) within 14 days of an indomethacin course, was 20% (95% CI 15% to 27%) for the first course, 14% (95% CI 8% to 22%) for the second course and 8% (95% CI 2% to 26%) for any additional course. Of the 113 infants without a PDA ligation, 58% (95% CI 49% to 67%) had an echocardiogram to confirm their final PDA status (documentation was lacking for one infant). Find out more about your chance to visit the most trusted pharmacy you could ever find to get cialis professional sale in the amounts required, without any need to see your health care provider first or get a prescription.