Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation of Pheromone-Induced Neuronal Fos in the Ferret’s Main Olfactory Bulb and Hypothalamus(4)

5 Mar

We previously compared neuronal Fos responses to pheromones in gonadally intact male and female ferrets in breeding condition. Rigorous sex comparisons of neuroendocrine and behavioral functions are best carried out in gonadectomized subjects that receive either no replacement sex steroids or the same activational hormone treatment (reviewed in ). Therefore, in experiment 1 we asked whether concurrent exposure to a sex steroid (in this instance, testosterone propionate [TP]) is required in order for neuronal Fos responses to either odor stimulus to occur in gonadectomized male and female subjects. In experiment 2, we compared the ability of phero-mones from a breeding male to augment Fos-IR in the chemosensory pathway of gonadectomized, TP-treated male and female subjects. buy ventolin inhalers

Results obtained in experiment 1 showed that TP facilitated the ability of estrous female pheromones, but not peppermint odor, to stimulate neuronal Fos-IR in the MOB of both sexes. In experiment 3, we asked whether this effect of testosterone is associated with increased scent gathering by gonadectomized male and female ferrets that are exposed to pheromones. Finally, we asked whether either androgen or estrogen receptors are present in the ferret’s MOB and are thus available to mediate the observed TP-dependent facilitation of MOB granule cell responsiveness to pheromones.