Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation: MATERIALS AND METHODS(9)

14 Mar


Fos-IR was counted in ule cell layer of the MOB because previous work in the rat showed that Fos-IR was augmented in this layer after exposure to peppermint odor. Mitral cells were not counted because without Nissl counterstaining we found it impossible to distinguish them from other cell types within that layer. The cell layer of the AOB (Fig. 1) was chosen for analysis because it contains the granule cells associated with this structure. flovent inhaler

Additional segments of the chemosensory projection pathway, including the MA, BNST, VLH, and mPOA, were studied because significant increments in neuronal Fos-IR had been seen previously in each of these regions in estrous female ferrets that received intromissive stimulation from a male. We also examined neuronal Fos responses to pheromones in the dorsal (d) POA/anterior hypothalamus (AH), which in male ferrets contains a sexually dimorphic male nucleus and in the ventral (v) POA/AH, which contains a non-dimorphic nucleus. In experiment 1, the number of Fos-IR cells in different groups was analyzed using a three-way ANOVA (sex X steroid treatment X chemosensory stimulus). In experiment 2, Fos data were analyzed using a two-way ANOVA (sex X chemosensory stimulus). After a significant overall ANOVA result, post-hoc comparisons of pairs of group means were carried out using the Student-Neuman-Keuls procedure.