Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation: MATERIALS AND METHODS(8)

13 Mar

Analysis of Neuronal Fos ICC

Slides were coded so that the investigator had no knowledge of the sex of individual subjects or the steroid treatments and olfactory stimuli that they had received. With the exception of the VLH, one section was chosen and counted for each brain region. Brain sections were viewed under a X40 objective (X20 for BNST), and all Fos-IR cells present in standard areas of 0.1 mm2 (1.0 mm2 for the BNST) were traced onto blank paper with the aid of a camera lucida microscope attachment. The Fos-IR cells present in 5 adjacent brain sections that contained the VLH were also traced under a X20 objective (0.21 mm2 per section). buy birth control online

The number of Fos-IR cells was counted in three different regions of the MOB (Fig. 1). The most caudal area of these regions (+14.5 mm in front of the interaural line) was previously found to have numerous Fos-IR cells in ferrets of both sexes after they mated. In addition, Fos-IR cells in a central (+16.4 mm in front of the interaural line) and a rostral (+18.8 mm) region of the MOB were chosen for analysis on the basis of a pilot study in which more Fos-IR cells were observed in 2 TP-treated females exposed to estrous bedding than in clean-cage control females from experiment 1.