Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation: MATERIALS AND METHODS(2)

7 Mar

After 4 wk of TP treatment, all animals were given olfactory experience by being placed in a cage for 30-60 min on separate days with a male in breeding condition or with an estrous female. These experiments were conducted in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of Research Animals and were approved by Boston University IACUC (protocol #97-017). buy yasmin online

Experimental Design

Experiment 1: Neuronal Fos-IR responses in the chemo-sensory pathway after exposure to soiled female bedding or peppermint odors. After receiving olfactory experience, groups of gonadectomized male (total n = 28) and female (total n = 24) ferrets either continued to receive daily TP injections or were given daily injections of oil vehicle. After 5 wk, subgroups of TP- and oil-treated males and females were exposed to one of three different stimulus conditions. Some ferrets were placed individually in a colony cage (24’’ X 24’’ X 18’’) that contained commercial wood chip bedding previously soiled by an estrous female for two days. This bedding presumably emitted pheromones derived from urine and feces as well as anal and sebaceous gland secretions.