Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation: DISCUSSION(8)

26 Mar


Indeed, the VLH, which is activated in females after exposure to male pheromones, has been implicated in the steroidal control of feminine sexual behavior in female rodents and in cats. Cheap Diskus Advair

There are both similarities and differences between ferrets and rodents in their neuronal Fos responses to phero-mones. For example, gonadectomized, estradiol-treated male and female rats showed equivalent increases in neuronal Fos-IR in the AOB and MA after exposure to soiled bedding from sexually active males. However, only females showed significant neuronal Fos responses in the BNST and mPOA in response to male odors. These results in rodents are comparable to our results in the ferret (experiment 2).

In contrast, gonadectomized, TP-treated male and female rats exposed to soiled estrous female bedding showed equivalent increments in neuronal Fos-IR throughout the VNO-AOB projection pathway, including the mPOA. This isomorphic profile of neuronal Fos-IR responses to female pheromones may reflect the extensive neural masculinization sustained by female as well as male rats in response to fetal testosterone exposure. Independent confirmation of this hypothesis stems from reports that adult, gonadectomized, TP-treated female rats show nearly as much male-typical coital behavior as males. Interestingly, Fiber and Swann reported that the ability of vaginal pheromones to augment neuronal Fos-IR in the magnocellular preoptic nucleus of gonadectomized, TP-treated hamsters is sexually dimorphic, with only males showing a response.