Sex Difference and Testosterone Modulation: DISCUSSION(4)

22 Mar

DISCUSSION(4)Facilitation by Testosterone of Pheromone-Induced Neuronal Fos

Three MOB sites were found at which estrous females’ pheromones caused significant increases in neuronal Fos-IR. The magnitude of these effects was significantly greater in gonadectomized male and female ferrets that had received TP Furthermore, this facilitation of neuronal responsiveness was never seen in ferrets exposed to peppermint odor. These results resemble those obtained previously by Pfaff and Pfaffman, who recorded extracellularly from presumed mitral cells in the MOB of castrated male rats exposed to different chemosensory stimuli. Administration of testosterone enhanced neuronal responsiveness to pheromones derived from estrous female urine but not to a nonreproductive odor, amyl acetate. antibiotics levaquin

Several possible explanations for the facilitatory effect of TP on ferrets’ neuronal responses to pheromones exist.

First, this androgen could act by increasing scent-gathering behaviors. Kauer found that in the salamander, individual mitral cells responded to different concentrations of a particular odorant. In the present studies, a TP-induced increase in locomotion and scent gathering could have exposed ferrets to increased concentrations of particular pher-omones, resulting in an activation of more mitral cells and their associated granule cells.