Testis-Like Steroidogenesis: RESULTS(2)

21 Apr


Due to small sample size and the exceptional variability observed in our male moles in the spring, no statistical tests were conducted. However, in keeping with prior observations, there was a tendency for spring males to display higher concentrations of testosterone than males sampled in the autumn. antibiotic levaquin

To determine whether the elevated levels of circulating testosterone observed in autumn females were attributable simply to the growth of the interstitial gland, or were also the result of an increase in the ability of the Leydig cells to synthesize testosterone, we assayed testosterone concentration in gonadal homogenates. Ovotestes from reproductively inactive females contained significantly more testosterone per milligram of protein than ovotestes from pregnant females in spring (p < 0.01, Table 1). Although the ovarian portion of ovotestes collected in spring is larger than that of ovotestes collected in autumn, the increase in ovarian tissue was not sufficient, relative to the size of the interstitial gland, to account for the lesser testosterone content per milligram of protein observed for these ovotestes.