Testis-Like Steroidogenesis: DISCUSSION(3)

27 Apr


Similarly, when ovarian production of androstenedione and estradiol is up-regulated during estrus, the secretion of testosterone by the interstitial gland is substantially diminished. It seems paradoxical that steroidogenesis is up-regulated in only one portion of the gonad at any given time. It is possible that the receptors for LH and FSH may be differentially expressed in the ovarian and interstitial gland portions. Alternatively, another hormone, distinct from the gonadotropins, may differentially affect steroidogenesis in the ovary and interstitial gland. Understanding the mechanism by which this unique situation is permitted to occur will further our understanding of the regulation of gonadal steroidogenesis and reproductive function. ventolin 100 mcg

The phallic-like clitoris of the female mole prompts comparisons with that of the female spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), where the clitoris is similarly traversed by the urethra. However, in contrast to what is seen in the spotted hyena, where a striking elevation of maternal androgens during pregnancy is thought to contribute to the masculinization of the female fetus, these studies did not show elevated levels of maternal androgens during pregnancy. Thus, masculinization of the mole clitoris may be directed by the production of androgens by the fetal interstitial glands that are not reflected in elevated androgens in the maternal circulation.