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As the body of drug information continues to grow in size and complexity, drug information databases have become essential tools for pharmacists in their role as medication experts. The results of this study confirmed the perception that pharmacists rely heavily on such databases, with the majority of study participants reporting that they consulted drug informa­tion […]

Characteristics of Study Participants Most of the study participants reported that they consulted drug information databases at least daily in their practice, with 23 (88%) reporting prior access to Micromedex and half or fewer reporting prior access to either Lexi-Comp Online or Clinical Pharmacology (Table 2). Database Quality Lexi-Comp Online received the highest mean quality […]

Evaluation of Database Performance Each study participant used each database to answer a set of 5 randomly assigned drug information questions (total of 15 questions per participant). The order in which study partic­ipants evaluated the 3 drug information databases was also randomly assigned, and over the whole study each database was used to attempt to […]

A qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis strategy, with descriptive and inferential statistics, was used to assess the quality, performance, and usability of the databases and users’ preferences, to determine overall database preference. This study satisfied all ethical review requirements of the investigators’ organization.

INTRODUCTION The size and complexity of the body of drug information is growing rapidly. This growth in the availability of drug information and the accompanying growth in medication use have necessitated advancement of the role of pharmacists as medication experts within multidisciplinary health care teams, particularly in hospitals. The use of clinical decision support tools […]