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In some patients, however, elevation of these values persisted, probably due to irreversible lung damage. Zaman and White have also found lower mean serum LDH levels in survivors than nonsurvivors (340 IU vs 441 IU, compared with the present study in which serum LDH values were 394 IU vs 719 IU, respectively). Elevation of serum […]

The finding of a normal serum LDH level in a symptomatic patient with an abnormal chest roentgenogram should suggest a non-PC P pulmonary process. Admission clinical and laboratory data were analyzed as prognostic indicators, ie, for their ability to predict survival in patients with P carinii pneumonia. Mean duration of symptoms (fever, dyspnea, cough), physical […]

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia continues to be the most frequent pulmonary manifestations of AIDS. Its subtle, subacute presentation has been well documented; a high index of suspicion must be maintained, because there are few clinical or laboratory clues to the diagnosis. The rate of recovery from a first bout of Pneumocystis has ranged from 50 to […]

Only eight of 150 PCP (group 1) patients (5 percent) had normal LDH levels (four had normal chest roentgenograms), while 12 (8 percent) had mildly elevated levels, ranging from 220 to 300 IU/L. In the 67 non-PCP pulmonary AIDS patients (group 2), 55 patients had LDH levels in the normal range (less than 220 IU/L); […]

Choice of therapy was determined by the individual physicians caring for the patient. Seventy-eight percent (117 patients) of those with PCP survived their initial episode. Among surv ivors 40 of the 117 patients successfully completed a three-week course of trimeth-oprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SXT). The remaining successfully treated 77 patients initially received TMP-SXT but were switched to pentamidine […]

The patient population in group 1 (PCP patients) consisted of 140 men and ten women. There were 125 homosexual men, 17 IV drug abusers, five patients with transfusion-related disease, and three women who were sexual partners of known AIDS patients. The mean age was 33 ±5 years. Group 2 consisted of 62 homosexual men and […]

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) is the most frequently diagnosed pulmonary opportunistic infection in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Between 50 and 80 percent of patients with P carinii survive their initial episode. Early clinical experience at New York University Medical Center suggested that certain routine laboratory data were highly indicative of the diagnosis […]