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The postoperative differential diagnoses for lung radiolucencies include pneumatoceles, bronchopleu­ral fistulas, pneumothorax, and elevation of hemidia- phragms with superimposition of abdominal contents. Lung torsion can occur but usually presents as opaci­fication due to infarction and atelectasis. Pneumatoceles are thin-walled cystic structures that develop secondarily to pneumonia. Though they are unusual in adults, they have been […]

An 80-year-old retired male railroad worker was referred for evaluation of a chronic cough and a persistent left lower lobe infiltrate. One month prior to presentation, he was hospitalized for a pneumonia and a parapneumonic effusion. Thoracentesis at that time yielded sterile fluid with negative cytologic findings. He complained of progressive dyspnea, worse at night. […]