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Although pleural efiiisions are present in 29 percent of Churg-Strauss patients, these effusions tend to be small and manifest only as occasional pleurisy. There are only two reported cases in which pleural fluid has been examined in Churg-Strauss syndrome, and neither of these reports comment on pleural fluid pH or chemistries. In this case of […]

Pulmonary function tests revealed airflow limitation which improved after inhaled bronchodilator therapy. The chest x-ray film revealed bilateral pleural effusions with patchy basilar infiltrates (Fig 1). Computed tomography of the chest revealed an interstitial process in the right upper lung, right lower lung, and left lower lung, as well as bilateral effusions. A left thoracocentesis […]

Churg-Strauss syndrome is a disorder of hypereosino-philia and systemic vasculitis in subjects with asthma and allergic rhinitis. Pleural effusions are commonly reported as a manifestation of this syndrome; however, the cellular and biochemical characteristics have not been well described. In this case of Churg-Strauss syndrome, the patients pleural effusion is fully described, and the differential […]

The optical density method is commonly used to express ELISA data in the field of mycobacterial disease; we used a similar technique (reflectance densitometry) to express immunoblotting data. In this work, we tried to demonstrate the interest in adjusting immunoglobulin concentrations before testing the samples. Moreover, we think that titration of specific antibodies allows better […]

Total proteins, IgG and IgA concentrations are shown in Table 1. Each pleural fluid or serum sample was further diluted to the same IgG (0.5 g/L) or IgA (1 g/L) concentration before assaying specific antimy­cobacterial reactivities.

Patients Tiiberculous Pleural Effusions (n = 5): Diagnosis was assessed in two cases by histologic examination of pleural biopsy specimens and confirmed by culture (d,e), in two others by culture of pleural fluid (b,c). In the last case, pleural fluid stained with auramin showed acid-fast bacilli and the diagnosis was confirmed by culture (this patient […]

Pleural tuberculosis is often difficult to diagnose because it is a paucibacillar disease. Mycobacteria are rarely seen on direct examination of pleural fluid and pleural biopsy specimens and cultures are positive in less than 50 percent. The diagnosis is assessed by histologic examination of pleural biopsy samples which reveals granulomas. As in other limited tuberculous […]