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Analysis of Neuronal Fos ICC Slides were coded so that the investigator had no knowledge of the sex of individual subjects or the steroid treatments and olfactory stimuli that they had received. With the exception of the VLH, one section was chosen and counted for each brain region. Brain sections were viewed under a X40 […]

Androgen receptor (AR) and estrogen receptor (ER) ICC were performed on alternate sections of olfactory bulb and forebrain from a subset of male and female ferrets used in experiment 1. Androgen receptor ICC was performed according to the protocol published by Kashon et al. for ferret brain, using brain sections from two gonadectomized, TP-treated females […]

ICC Fos ICC was performed on every fourth section from the forebrain and olfactory bulb. One animal from each treatment group was included in each ICC run. Free-floating sections were incubated in 3% normal goat serum/1% H2O2/PBS for 1.5 h at room temperature and then transferred to primary Fos antiserum (DCH-1; 1:5000 in 0.4% Triton […]

A single observer, who had no knowledge of either the hormonal treatments being received or the odor stimulus being presented to individual subjects, used Observer 3.0 software (Noldus Co., Wageningen, Holland) to record the number of grid crossings and the duration of sniffing for each test session. Cheap Diskus Advair These data were analyzed using […]

Experiment 3: Effects of chemosensory cues and testosterone treatment on scent-gathering behavior. After they had received olfactory experience, subgroups of gonadec-tomized male (total n = 10) and female (total n = 10) ferrets continued to receive daily s.c. injections of TP or oil vehicle. Beginning 4 wk later, ferrets were tested individually on three separate […]

Such soiled bedding had induced a neuronal Fos-IR response in the MOB of gonadally intact male and female ferrets in breeding condition. Additional groups of subjects were placed in a plastic cage (24’’ X 8’’ X 8’’) for 30 min, whereupon peppermint odor was pumped into the cage by passing air (60 mm Hg) over […]

After 4 wk of TP treatment, all animals were given olfactory experience by being placed in a cage for 30-60 min on separate days with a male in breeding condition or with an estrous female. These experiments were conducted in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of […]