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The mean RFe delivered per treatment session was 688±106 J. The mean overall total number of joules per patient at the end of treatment was 2,377±869 J. The mean duration in seconds at a single treatment visit was 141 ±30 s. The mean total duration for an individual subject for all procedures combined was 500 […]

The diagnosis of snoring or mild SDB using the predetermined inclusion criteria was OSAS in 31.8% of subjects (7/22) and UARS in 63.6% of subjects (14/22). No subject was classified as having UARS without a Pes measurement. Three subjects refused Pes on baseline polysomnography. Two of these had an RDI of greater than five events […]

Polygraphic recordings were scored following the international criteria of Rechtschaffen and Kales for sleep staging and using the international definitions of sleep apnea, obstructive, mixed, and central apnea. The most negative inspiratory Pes was identified during each recording. Also, using a computer algorithm developed conjointly by the Stanford University Department of Engineering and the Stanford […]

This region was then divided into upper, middle, and lower thirds and right and left paramedian positions. This arbitrary division was used to facilitate record keeping since multiple treatments were administered, and we wished to avoid retreating the same area unintentionally (Fig 1). A 30-gauge needle was used to inject 2.0 mL of 0.5% bupivaeaine […]

A VAS scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (excruciating or intense pain) was used to document the existence of pain. A score from 0 to 3 depicted mild pain that did not require prescription pain medication. A separate nonvisual analog questionnaire registered the associated specific use of analgesic medications. Speech: A VAS scale of […]

A lateral radiographic cephalometric head film was taken prior to and after completion of RFe treatment. This was done to assess bony and soft-tissues measurements for baseline anthropometric data, inclusion and exclusion purposes, and to compare changes (shrinkage) in the soft palate length and width after treatment. The traditional bony and soft-tissue measurements to evaluate […]

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: This was an RDI of less than five events per hour of sleep with an Sa02 of >90% during total sleep time and an inspiratory nadir Pes more negative than —10 cm H20 with an accompanied complaint of daytime sleepiness. Mild OSAS: This was an RDI of 5 to 15 events […]