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It seems unlikely that the 30-min difference in the interval between the onset of odor presentation and death can account for the absence of any AOB neuronal Fos response in the present experiments or in our previous study using breeding ferrets, although a time-course experiment is needed to definitively rule out this possibility. It is […]

Pheromones Are Processed by the Main Olfactory System in Ferrets In experiment 3, both male and female ferrets spent significantly more time investigating soiled than clean bedding. This finding suggests that pheromones emitted by urine, feces, and sebaceous glands may be used by ferrets to mark territory and to attract or repel conspecifics. The results […]

A sexual dimorphism was observed in the ability of male odors to elicit significant neuronal Fos-IR responses in more central segments of the chemosensory pathway. Thus male odors stimulated neuronal Fos-IR in the BNST of both sexes (F = 8.034, p < 0.05; Table 1); however, this effect was significantly stronger in female than in […]

Statistical analyses revealed a significant sex X odor stimulus interaction (F = 9.088, p < 0.01) as well as a significant steroid treatment X odor stimulus interaction (F = 5.815, p < 0.01). to augment neuronal Fos-IR in any of the subregions of the POA, and estrous odors failed to affect neuronal Fos-IR in either […]

In contrast to the MOB, there were no stimulatory effects in either sex of estrous odors or peppermint on Fos-IR in the cell layer of the AOB (Fig. 3, bottom panel). buy ventolin inhalers Exposure to pheromones from estrous females induced equivalent increases in neuronal Fos-IR in the MA of go-nadectomized male and female ferrets, regardless […]

Experiment 1: Neuronal Fos-IR Responses in the Chemosensory Pathway after Exposure to Soiled Female Bedding or Peppermint Odors Odors from estrous bedding significantly augmented neuronal Fos-IR in the granule cell layer of the central and caudal MOB of gonadectomized, oil-treated male and female subjects. In both sexes, TP treatment further enhanced neuronal Fos-IR responses to estrous […]

Fos-IR was counted in ule cell layer of the MOB because previous work in the rat showed that Fos-IR was augmented in this layer after exposure to peppermint odor. Mitral cells were not counted because without Nissl counterstaining we found it impossible to distinguish them from other cell types within that layer. The cell layer of […]