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Children with emergency neurologic morbidities accounted for 15.6% in this study, similar to previous reports from other parts of Nigeria. Those aged five years and under accounted for the majority (77.0%) of the children studied with the modal age group of 1-2 years. The predominance of children in this age is due to their vulnerability […]

Six-hundred-four patients were admitted with neurological morbidity consisting of 15.6% out a total of 3,868 patients admitted during the five-year period. One-hundred-ninety-eight patients (32.8%) had incomplete records with regards to outcome. A breakdown of the number of patients per year is shown in Table 1.

MATERIALS AND METHODS Benin City is the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria which is holoendemic for malaria (Bruce Chwat). There are two distinct seasonal periods— rainy season, which spans from April to September, and dry season from October to March. Benin City is cosmopolitan and has one tertiary hospital, University of Benin Teaching […]

INTRODUCTION Delay in presentation to a hospital is a common problem in African populations, sometimes resulting in innocuous problems presenting as emergency cases. Neurologic morbidities, either primary or secondary to other systemic diseases in children, constitute a significant proportion of these emergency cases. The pattern of neurologic emergencies is likely to vary from one country […]