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Infliximab was administered as a 5 mg/kg intravenous infusion; no patients received 10 mg/kg infusions. The type of induction used was at the treating physician’s discretion, as was the administration of subsequent doses and their timing. Patients with inflammatory disease received a single induction dose, while those with fistulizing disease received three induction doses at […]

Infliximab was available either through compassionate release or through clinical trials. All gastroenterologists in Edmonton were contacted to determine whether they had treated patients with infliximab. Records of patients who had received infliximab via compassionate release programs (n=101) were reviewed, as were the records of patients who had received an initial dose of infliximab as […]

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the result of an unchecked intestinal inflammatory response. While the exact etiology and pathogenesis of IBD are unclear, the inflammatory response is likely initiated by luminal factors, likely bacteria or bacterial products that serve as activating antigens. By sieving through a permeable epithelial barrier, these initiating factors in turn lead […]