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The results of this study suggest that the 2006 standard and lower-target weight-based heparin protocols used at the authors’ institution were equally efficacious in achieving therapeutic PTT levels early in therapy, with comparable low incidences of adverse events. These protocols compared favourably to the original 1996 weight-based heparin protocol, which was evaluated previously.1 Achieving anticoagulation […]

In both of the 2006 protocol groups, there was no statistical difference in the median time to achieve PTT above the lower limit of the target range between patients who received a full bolus dose and those who did not receive a full bolus (standard protocol 6.0 h [4.0-24.0 h] versus 6.0 h [4.0-40.8 h], […]

Charts were reviewed for a total of 153 consecutive patients who had a prescription for heparin infusion. Fifty- three patients were excluded for the following reasons: total infusion time less than 24 h (n = 23), heparin protocol not used (n = 9), older version of protocol used (n = 5), heparin infusion started at […]

A retrospective, open-label observational study was conducted over a period of 5 months (September 2006 to January 2007). Approval to conduct this study was obtained from the University of British Columbia Clinical Research Ethics Board and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. The 2 current protocols were implemented in August 2006. The decision as to […]

INTRODUCTION In recent years, significant focus has been placed on establish­ing weight-based protocols for administration of heparin to optimize patient outcomes in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and acute coronary syndrome. In 1996, the authors’ hospital developed a weight-based heparin protocol. A formal assessment revealed that, relative […]