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Massive Hemoptysis The initial approaches to airway support during life- threatening hemoptysis reflected practical con­cerns in the resuscitation of a drowning patient (Table 4). While either the insertion of specialized tubes and blockers or selective endotracheal intubation of the nonbleeding lung are theoretically attractive and con­sistently recommended in major reviews, the difficulty and/or impracticality of […]

The format of this interactive session provided previously unreported insights about physicians’ per­spectives of the diagnosis and management of patients with hemoptysis. Using this computerized system, a survey of clinical opinions could be combined with the educational objectives of the session, resulting in a unique opportunity to compare principles and recommendations described in medical literature […]

Massive Hemoptysis Views differed about the most common cause of fatal hemoptysis: lung cancer (29 percent), bronchi­ectasis (28 percent), tuberculosis (23 percent), myce­toma (11 percent), or lung abscess (9 percent) were each considered. Opinions about the mortality asso­ciated with the nonsurgical management of massive hemoptysis also varied greatly. Of the approaches to airway support in […]

Hemoptysis in the Outpatient Setting Most (72 percent) respondents held chronic bron­chitis to be the major cause of mild hemoptysis; other selections included lung cancer (11 percent), idio­pathic causes (“essential” or “cryptogenic”) (7 per­cent), tuberculosis (5 percent), and bronchiectasis (5 percent). Most (91 percent) advocated fiberoptic bron­choscopy of a 55-year-old, 80 pack-year cigarette smoker with […]

The demographic characteristics of participants and their responses to questions about mild hemoptysis in ambulatory outpatients and life-threatening hemop­tysis in critically ill individuals were recorded. Re­sponses were entered on as many as 118 keypads, with a mean±SD of 104 ±9.1 responses per question. Seventy-nine individuals responded to over 80 percent of questions. Data from all […]

Physicians attending an interactive session at the 1988 Annual Scientific Assembly of the ACCP answered a series of questions about the diagnosis and management of patients with hemoptysis. Responses were recorded by computer, and the proportions of answers to multiple-choice questions were tabulated for immediate feedback to the audience. Participants selected a single best answer […]

Temoptvsis is a symptom and sign commonly evaluated by chest clinicians. Despite consider­able emphasis upon the approaches to this problem and its diverse presentations, several questions re­main: the selection of ambulatory patients for bron­choscopy and other diagnostic studies, the optimum approaches to the emergency support of individuals with life-threatening bleeding, and the best applica­tions of […]