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Following embryonic differentiation, the human nail grows continuously throughout life at a rate of about 0.5 to 1.2 mm per week, slowing down with age. Trauma appears to stimulate growth, while immobilization retards the proc­ess. Toenails appear to grow at a third to a half the rate of fingernails, and full replacement from base to […]

Case 1 A 71-year-old man was brought to the VA Medical Center, Johnson City, by his family, who stated that he had a one-week history of fever, chills, and cough productive of yellow sputum. Prior VA records showed that the patient was a long-term smoker, smoking 1 to 2 packs/day for more than 30 years, […]

The bedside clinician, searching for clues to the presence of disease, is often rewarded by careful examination of the patients hands. The nails offer many clues to the patients physiology and habits. Yellow pigmentation of the nail plate caused by cigarette smoking is especially common (partic­ularly in our Veterans Administration Hospital); clubbing of a “nicotine […]