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In a national survey of physicians, we found that professional satisfaction differed by physician race and ethnicity. Asian or Pacific Islander physicians reported lower job satisfaction and higher stress than white physicians, while Hispanic physicians were significantly more satisfied with their jobs and careers than white physicians. Black physicians did not exhibit a significant difference […]

Most respondents to the PWS identified themselves as white (73%). Asian or Pacific Islander physicians represented 18% of respondents, Hispanic physicians 6%, and black physicians 3%. Black physicians were more likely to be female. Although the distribution of income was fairly similar for white, black, and Asian or Pacific Islander physicians, Hispanic physicians tended to […]

Subjects The sampling design of the Physician Worklife Survey (PWS) has been previously described in detail. Briefly, a national probability sample of physicians in family practice, general internal medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine subspecialties, or pediatric subspecialties was drawn from the AMA Masterfile. The sampling frame was stratified on the basis of indicators of physician race […]

BACKGROUND Physicians from racial and ethnic minority groups, particularly those that are under-represented in the healthcare workforce, provide care for more disadvantaged patients, on average, than white physicians in the United States. Studies have demonstrated that nonwhite physicians care for Medicaid beneficiaries and low-income and uninsured patients more frequently than white physicians. As a result, […]

This is the first study, to our knowledge, which examines mammogram use within a community-based sample of Haitian women and compares it to that of women of other ethnic groups in the same neighborhoods. We found that overall rates of ever having had a mammogram and having had a mammogram in the past two years […]

Of the 1,103 households randomly selected, we identified 392 eligible women. Among the eligible women, 329 completed the questionnaires (response rate=84%). Forty-three percent (n=144) of the interviewed respondents described their ethnicity as Haitian, 24% (n=80) white, 17% (n=56) African-American, 8% (n=26) English-speaking Caribbean, 7% (n=22) as Latina, and the remainder (n=3, <2%) as other ethnic […]

Analytic Variables We had two primary dependent variables based on self-reported mammography history. The first, “lifetime,” was defined as positive if the respondent reported any mammogram during their lifetime. The second, recent, was defined as positive only if the respondent had a mammogram within the past two years. A definition of mammography was provided to […]