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There were 2389 episodes of nosocomial blood stream in­fection between August 1, 1986 and December 31, 1996. The annual number of cases gradually rose from 184 in 1987, the first full year of the survey, to 267 in 1996. The case rate simi­larly rose from 6.0/10,000 admissions in 1986 to 8.7/10,000 admissions in 1995 (Figure […]

The University of Alberta Hospital is a tertiary acute care facility and principal teaching hospital of the University of Al­berta Faculty of Medicine. All forms of acute medical care were provided during most of the survey period, including adult and paediatric medicine and surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, hematological oncology, and solid organ transplantation. The hospital has seven […]

Long term trends in the occurrence of nosocomial blood stream infection Hospital care has long been associated with development of nosocomial infection. Recently, these infections have been identified as a significant public health problem. Changes in health care delivery over time, including the in­creased use of invasive procedures or immunosuppressive therapy in hospitalized patients and, […]

Health care restructuring in 1995 radically transformed our hospital, with a resultant impact on nosocomial blood stream infections. While there was a decrease in bed number, admissions and patient days at the hospital, patient popula­tions shifted from groups at lower nosocomial infection risk (eg, ophthalmology, psychiatry, internal medicine and paedi­atrics) to groups at higher risk […]

Hospital patient volume and acuity: Although between 1993/94, and 1996/97, there was a 10% decline in patient beds (645 to 586), the number of ICU beds was unchanged and slightly increased as a proportion all beds, from 13.2% to 14.7%. Annual hospital admissions fell from 29,085 to 23,597 (19%). Overall, there was a 17% decline […]

Hospital volume and acuity: To assess trends in hospital pa­tient care volume, the number of hospital inpatient beds, an­nual admissions and patient days were obtained comparing 1993 and 1994 (1993/94) 1996 and 1997 (1996/97). To assess changes in the hospital population, the proportion of inpatient beds designated as intensive care unit (ICU) beds and the […]

The impact of health care restructuring on nosocomially acquired blood stream infections Health care delivery has always undergone evolutionary change as disease patterns evolve and their treatments are modified. In the past decade, Canadians have witnessed much more rapid and revolutionary change in health care de­livery than has been previously experienced. Some of the changes […]