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In this study, 8.3% of the drug sample distribution units had expired, similar to the proportion reported by Hall and others (6.3%). The presence of expired medications reflects a lack of structure in the management of drug samples in institutions. Almost 50% of the clinics in this study did not manage drug samples in a […]

In this study, 59% of the drug sample distribution units inventoried were not on Sainte-Justine local formulary. In the study by Haxby and others, 29% of drug samples given to patients were not on the hospital’s official list. A hospital’s drug formulary is established to ensure optimal drug use and patient safety. In the authors’ […]

In this study, important quantities of drug samples (78 955 doses worth Can$48 783) were found in a 500-bed university health centre. To the authors’ knowledge, no previous in-house study of this type has been reported. The variety of drugs, the amount of samples inventoried, and the very low level of compliance with local policy […]

Of the 84 identified locations, drug samples were found in 21 locations, all intended for ambulatory patients (i.e., outpatient clinics and day centres). No drug samples were found in inpatient care units. Overall, the number of doses of drug samples (n = 78 955 doses) was 2.4 times greater than the number of doses of […]

This descriptive observational study was conducted in an urban university hospital centre. The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine in Montreal, Quebec, has 500 mother—child beds in 2 locations (450 beds at the main site and 5 0 beds at a rehabilitation site). The study was carried out at the main site, which has 21 inpatient locations […]

The management of drug samples in medical offices is not optimal. Pharmaceutical representatives often fill or update medication supplies without completing any written records or periodic documentation. The methods used for disposing of expired samples are unknown, although it is likely that samples are discarded with the regular garbage in some cases, rather than being […]

INTRODUCTION The distribution of drug samples by the pharmaceutical industry and by physicians and certain other health care professionals is permitted, in certain situations, under Canadian and US federal laws. In Canada, under the Food and Drugs Act, the distribution of drug samples is generally banned, with certain exceptions allowing physicians, dentists, veterinarians, or pharmacists […]