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This literature review adds key points to the dialogue about men on the down-low. First, black MSM are more likely than MSM of other races and ethnicities to identify as bisexual and to be bisexually active. Second, heterosexual identity and corresponding sexual behavior among black men are sometimes incon-gruent, but this discordance is not exclusive […]

Nondisclosure of Homosexual Behavior or Bisexual Identity Disclosure of homosexual identity or behavior among black MSM was addressed in five articles and one conference abstract. A Chicago-based sample of 208 black and 142 white bisexually active men found that, compared with white MSM, black MSM were significantly more likely to keep their same-sex behavior from […]

Prevalence of Bisexuality among Black Men Studies clearly show that black MSM are more likely than MSM of other races and ethnicities to identify themselves as bisexual and to be bisexually active.101217 Most studies that recruited black bisexual men assessed bisexuality according to self-reported behavior rather than self-identifica-tion. Among black MSM in 18 studies, from […]

An extensive review of three databases (Psychlnfo, MEDLINE and AIDSLINE) available on the Internet was conducted. An initial search limited the data to articles on black populations (i.e., “black or African-American or Afro-American”) that mentioned sexual identity or behavior, specifically heterosexuality (i.e., “straight or heterosexual or men who have sex with women”) or homosexuality (i.e., […]

INTRODUCTION Black men “on the down-low” have gained considerable attention from both mainstream media and public health officials over the past few years as climbing rates of HIV infection (еreating HIV infection when used along with other medicines) among black women have come under increasing focus. Several nuances of the term “down-low” have been in […]