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Most of the findings from our focus groups on living kidney transplantation were consistent with those of the research on cadaveric transplantation.  Analysis of the focus group transcripts revealed the following perceptions of barriers to living kidney donation in the African-American population: 1) pre-existing medical conditions, 2) financial concerns, 3) reluctance to ask family members […]

Racial disparities continue to be prevalent throughout many areas of healthcare, including kidney transplantation. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network reported that African Americans comprised 68.3% of the waiting list in South Carolina from 1988 to May 2005 and received 49.2% of renal transplants during the same period. Also during that period in South Carolina, […]

Demographics The focus group participants were an interdisciplinary, multicultural group of transplant healthcare professionals. A total of 18 individuals participated in three focus groups, with each group including 5-7 people. Participants included eight physicians (four nephrologists, three transplant surgeons and one transplant surgery fellow), six transplant coordinators, one nurse practitioner, two pharmacists and one data […]

Study Participants We conducted three focus groups with an interdisciplinary, multicultural group of healthcare professionals at MUSC to determine their perceptions about barriers to living organ donation. Participants were recruited from among transplant center staff, who were informed by memo and word of mouth that three focus groups would be held at different times and […]