Depression is very common these days. Everyone from all over the world feels tensed and stressed today. While someone is suffering for having lack of money,someone elseis not satisfied with his overall health. In short, everyone has some story to say today. All such things are the reasons for the birth of depression. Depression itself […]

An after-marketing study using a database of spontaneous SSRI adverse drug reaction reports showed that the reporting rate of withdrawal reactions in adult patients was 10 times higher (0.3 per thousand) than with sertraline (0.03 per thousand), and 100 times higher than with fluoxetine (0.002 per thousand). Based on the extremely limited number of cases […]

The use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (fluoxetine, sertraline) to treat depression during pregnancy has become increasingly popular, in part due to studies that indicate that these antidepressants are unlikely to be teratogenic at therapeutic doses. However, case reports have appeared sporadically in medical literature describing withdrawal symptoms in neonates whose mothers took these medications […]