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In the present study, we analyzed racial differences in the most commonly used biomarkers of hepatic damage—AST, ALT, and GGT—and the extent to which alcohol consumption can explain racial differences. The findings show that hepatic enzyme mean values (especially GGT) may increase more markedly among African Americans than in whites in relation both to drinking […]

Table 1 shows the selected characteristics of the study participants stratified by gender and race. In this sample, for both men and women, the African Americans were significantly older, less educated, and had a significantly higher mean value of GGT than the whites. The other two enzymes were not significantly different between the two racial […]

Population The present study focuses on data obtained from a sample of residents of Erie and Niagara counties in New York State, enrolled as part of a series of studies conducted between September 1995 and May 2001. A detailed report of the study design, participant enrollment, and methodology has been described previously. Potential participants were […]

INTRODUCTION Although differences in age-adjusted death rates for chronic liver disease and cirrhosis between the two major ethnic groups in the United States have been considerably reduced in the last two decades, African Americans still exhibit higher rates compared to Caucasians with a larger difference in men. Among possible explanations, differences in alcohol consumption have […]