Growth Hormone Receptors in Testis and Liver: MATERIALS AND METHODS(2)

19 Nov

Transversal sections from the middle part of the testis were fixed in Bouin’s solution for histological examination. The spermatogenetic stage of each fish was determined according to a classification adapted from Billard and Escaf-fre : Stage I) immature stage with only A spermatogonia; Stage II) beginning of spermatogenesis with spermatogonia A and B; Stage III) spermatogonia A and В and spermatocytes; Stages IV-V) midspermatogenesis with spermatogonia to spermatozoa; Stage VI) absence of В spermatogonia; Stage VII) end of spermatogenesis with mainly spermatozoa; Stage VIII) spermiation, i.e., release of gametes (spermatozoa, and a few spermatogonia) During the experimental period, 100% of the males went through their first spermatogenetic cycle. buy diabetes drugs


Recombinant rainbow trout GH (rtGH) and recombinant tilapia GH (rtiGH; ) were generously provided by Dr. J. Smal (Eurogentec, Liege, Belgium) and Dr. F. Rentier-Delrue, respectively. The mammalian hormone preparations were pituitary-extracted bovine GH (bGH; batch bGH-B-1; NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda, MD) and pituitary-extracted ovine prolactin (oPRL; batch oPRL-19; NIDDK, NIH); bovine insulin (b-insulin) was from Sigma Chemical Company (St. Louis, MO). Trout gonadotropins (tGtHl and tGtH2; ) and salmon PRL (sPRL; ) were purified in our laboratory.