Does primary surgical closure of the patent ductus arteriosus gestation reduce the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis? (part 2)

12 Jul

ncidence of necrotizing enterocolitis? (part 2)

Databases searched were Ovid Medline 1950 – 2011, Scopus 1997 – 2009, Web of Science 1997 – 2009, Embase 1987 – 2008, PubMed 1975 – 2011, CINAHL 1996 – 2011, Central Register of Controlled Trials Cochrane 1st Quarter 2011 and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 1st Quarter 2011. The authors reviewed the abstracts of all available reports and studies, including single-centre case series, observational studies with historical and other centre controls, and randomized controlled trials (RCT). The bibliographies of all selected articles and review articles were manually searched for additional studies.
From an initial review of 555 citations and 65 full-text articles, 10 studies were eligible for inclusion in the present review. They were scored using the Evidence Evaluation Worksheet adapted from the American Heart Association’s International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Two reviewers independently assigned level of evidence (LOE), direction of support and quality . Inconsistencies were resolved by consensus. You are always offered finest quality offer Cheap Diskus Advair at the pharmacy you can fully trust and enjoy being its customer. Why wouldn’t you, if it offers lowest prices in the industry and fast delivery that can be free for some orders?