Careers in paediatrics: Community paediatrics revisited (part 4)

10 Jul

Community paediatrics revisited (part 4)

CONCLUSION Meaningful change comes slowly, and it may take decades for real progress in meeting the health needs of all children and youth to occur in Canada. In BC, community paediatrics has proven to be a useful vehicle for such change. Perhaps the concept has merit for improving the care of all children and youth in Canada.
In Canada, formal programs or a subspecialist accreditation in community paediatrics have not been developed. The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) does have a Community Paediatrics Section and recently introduced a process for honoring distinguished community paediatricians. Meanwhile, there are approximately one dozen accredited, university-based training programs in community medicine in Canada, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada offers specialist certification in community medicine. Paediatricians are also included as integral components in the teaching and research activities of interdisciplinary community medicine programs in some of these centres. A number of paediatricians across the country meld some, or all, of the elements of community paediatric activities into their broader clinical or research roles. Current exemplars of this expanded generalist approach include many CPS members. Their names are: Lynk, Frappier, Kaufman, Kramer, Grenier, Sacks, Ford-Jones, Stanwyck, Shah, the Hillmans and Pless. Find best deals an online pharmacy can offer and get a chance to start your treatment soon. You can now purchase ventolin inhaler at the cialis professional online that will be sure to live up to your expectations every single time.