Ovary-Independent Estrogen Receptor Expression in Neonatal Porcine Endometrium(1)

9 Jan

Neonatal Porcine Endometrium(1)

Organizational mechanisms regulating growth, morphogenesis, and cytodifferentiation of uterine tissues are poorly defined. However, it is clear that adult uterine structure and function can be compromised if developmental events critical to the success of uterine wall organization are disrupted by exposure of tissues to estrogen or related compounds during specific periods of fetal or neonatal life. Generally, such observations can be interpreted to indicate that at least some organizational events critical to the success of uterine development are estrogen sensitive and, therefore, are likely to depend upon the presence, distribution, and relative state of activation of the estrogen receptor (ER) system. Consequently, it is important that such relationships be defined and evaluated with respect to their potential to affect adult uterine function, reproductive efficiency, and health. buy ortho tri-cyclen online

Between birth (Day 0) and postnatal day (PND) 120, the porcine uterine wall is transformed from histoarchitectural infancy to maturity, and uterine tissues acquire the capacity to respond to conceptus signals (reviewed in ).