My Canadian Pharmacy Zyban for Smoking Addiction

7 Aug

Analogues and «Ancestors»

Zyban is one of drugs commonly used for smoking addiction treatment. Although its original purpose and active component were of different character.

Canadian Pharmacy Zyban is nothing else but typical amphebutamine known in medical field under the names Bupropion and Wellbutrin. It is an atypical antidepressant which in rare cases was used get rid of nicotine addiction. Zyban is a potent agent that differs from other antidepressants – serotonin reuptake inhibitor, with nonadrenaline and dopamine reuptake function.

Despite its characteristics and properties, Bupropion unlike Zyban has medical product registration is are actively used in both areas of its application.

Introduced for the first time into the market Bupropion had property to reduce brain seizure activity. This drugs application often lead to epilepsy seizures, observed at its improper dosage. But compared to the same epilepsy seizures risk of other medicines, Bupropion had very good indices.

This drug can be used as independent antidepressant or adjunct for disorders treatment with so-called «first line» drugs.

Under the brand name «Zyban» this preparation appeared only in 1997, having received a certificate confirming possibility of its application as means for smoking addiction treatment.


As nicotine substituent Bupropion reduces abstinence syndrome shock, but at the same time it suppresses psychological smoking withdrawal severity. One of the drug benefits is that it slows down process of weight gain, which is observed in case of smoking quitting.

Impact on the Body

Zyban belongs to a major Austrian company specializing on pills for nicotine addiction treatment production. At the same time, the drug absolutely does not contain nicotine, affecting body due to specifics of its main ingredient – bupropion. Zyban action mechanism is very simple, it provides pills with high efficiency, because they neutralize one of basic prerequisites of smoking – obtained pleasure during the process.

Contained in Ziban bupropion prevents dopamine neutralization in the body, the so-called pleasure hormone. During smoking quitting process and at severe abstinence syndrome smoker gets necessary hormonal support that keeps it depressed, preventing it from moving beyond. Due to this «help» dopamine level in the body increases, resulting in reduced feelings of psychological discomfort and outside pressure.

Thus, Zyban by itself is not a nicotine substituent, it does not support necessary nicotine level in the body and does not affect cholinergic receptors, confusing the body. This is the scheme all known stop-smoking preparations work.

Zyban effect area is brain, which makes this drug one of the most effective means in giving up smoking.


Basic rule of Zyban antismoking therapy is prior preparation intake a week before assumed date complete smoking cessation. This allows the body to avoid stress of sudden withdrawal and irreversible consequences of abstinence. Zyban helps the body to adapt to gradual habit abandonment and its subsequent quitting.

Also the drug contains additive components, which do not allow to gain weight in case of refusal of regular nicotine consumption, which makes the drug attractive for use for many women.

Canadian Pharmacy Zyban reduces irritability and accompanying psychological sensations of depression and emotional instability due to its antidepressant properties.

Drug dosage is assigned in each case individually, it can be found in instructions on preparation use.Besides, the drug has specific contraindications, can’t be applied by:

  • children;
  • lactating and pregnant women;
  • people with serious chronic diseases;
  • people who underwent cardiac or brain surgery.

Nevertheless, Zyban is effective even in neglected case, for treating patients who smoke from 10 cigarettes to two packs a day, as it affects specific brain structure in such a way that neutralizes biochemical addiction to nicotine.


The main Zyban disadvantage is that the drug has addicting properties, as in case of any other antidepressant use.

Another drug disadvantage is risk repeated desire to smoke appearing immediately after therapy termination. This is based on weak will and mental smoker’s unpreparedness to his personal struggle with addiction to cigarettes.

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