My Canadian Pharmacy and Politics

21 Mar

treatmentHealth care in Canada is one of the most disputed topics among Canadian politicians and ordinary citizens. Some of them find the Canadian model of health care inefficient and unprofitable because of impossibly long waiting lists and enormously huge expenditures and suggest accepting the similar to America type of organization. Others affirms that assimilation to the United State structure of health system will only leads to inability of financially unstable patients to receive necessary treatment.

But there are still some other disadvantages interfering correct work of health care in Canada:

The excessive federal authorities’ involvement: One of the main functions of all the provinces is administration of health care on a certain territory. But the fact is that federal authorities very often interfere with local management by dictating the rules and depriving provincial administrators their work.

Incredibly long waiting lists: due to the My Canadian Pharmacy structure all the patient applications are allocated accordingly to their importance and urgency. And if the disease is not serious, to the doctor’s mind, a patient may wait for a necessary treatment more than a couple of months. And any payments to speed the procedure up are not possible.

Unjustified pressure on private sector: As a rule, private clinics provide certain medical services and appropriate treatment in a shorter wait time than it is being done in public ones. But some politicians still affirm that such a “two-tier” system of health care would lead to nothing but a high level of corruption and inability of insolvent patients to receive necessary services and insist on saving the public health care model only despite the residents’ indignation.

The «drain» of brains. Some think that the My Canadian Pharmacy does not sufficiently disburse physicians’ work what leads to a great outflow of highly qualified specialists abroad, mostly to the United States, for a better career. To remain being the healthiest country Canada and save the authority worldwide is to give skilled medical workers worthy motivation.

Regardless of all these disadvantages Canada is still the country of the longest lifespan (about 80 years) and the lowest rate of infant mortality as compared with the majority of developed European countries. Of course, it is extremely important to improve the system and correct mistakes in a short time firstly for the country itself if it still purposes to be the leader in medical industry.

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