The Best Drug for Erectile Dysfunction You Need to Know

3 Dec

The Best Drug for Erectile Dysfunction You Need to KnowNowadays, many men are suffering of male impotence. They are not able to perform when the time comes. Some of them are not sure if they will be able to last long enough and satisfy their partner. Most men don’t want to accept the fact of their suffering. And when they suffer from ED, thousands of others successfully treat themselves with Cialis Professional.
There are different causes of male impotence. Usually erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological or physical factors. The main sign of ED is the inability to maintain erection. When it comes to impotency, most men don’t want to accept the fact that this is a problem and don’t seek the treatment for it.  Disappointment, shame and embarrassment after not being able to satisfy the woman make the man deeply offended. However, with Cialis you can treat your impotency at home.
How it works
With the help of this astonishing treatment you will notice the difference in the first few days. This effective, selective inhibitor works to cause erection any time you need it. The drug works only when sexual stimulation is present. So, there is no need to worry that you can have an undesirable erection. You can forget about time limits and a pressure to perform. With sexual arousal, the affect of Cialis Professional appears even after fifteen minutes. As a chemically improved new treatment, Cialis gives men faster results, better action in bed and long lasting effect. The drug is safe and used by over 9 million people throughout the world.

Before using the drug, read the following tips:

  1. The drug should be taken continuously every 36 hours or within 30 minutes prior to sex.
  2. Don’t take two doses of drug at once.
  3. Don’t take Cialis with alcohol, because it can cause dizziness.
  4. If you are allergic to Tadalafil, have heart or any vision problems call the doctor before taking the drug.
  5. In case, you want to use the drug with any other medications consult with your health care provider.

Side effects
Due to an improved formula of Cialis, the medication is less likely to cause serious side effects. Therefore, it has proven to be safer than other ED drugs. At the same time, men with chronic health or heart problems should use Cialis only with a doctor’s supervision. A qualified doctor will adjust a special dosage for these patients. It is also not advisable to use for people with poor cardiovascular status and the ones who are suffering atherosclerosis or hearing problems. Other common side effects may include: breathing problems, dizziness, stomach upset, back pain, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and prolonged or spontaneous erections. The patients who have any of these side effects require immediate medical assistance.