Meldonium: A Drug of Potential Use and Abuse

6 Apr

Meldonium, also known as mildronate, is a drug that is effective in treatment of cardiac disorders. Canadian Health&Care Mall has now included Meldonium in the list of drugs that does not need prescription at all. The sale of Meldonium did not pick up until last decade until suddenly it became a prescription drug.

The muscles of athletes and sportspersons consume oxygen at a very high rate and therefore need increased blood flow for better oxygen consumption for subsequent release of energy. Meldonium was found to increase blood flow to the body parts. It is used by sportspersons to increase their exercise tolerance and to help them combat neurological and psychological load during competitions.

Clinical uses of Meldonium

Meldonium, discovered in Latvia, was primarily used to treat a condition called ischaemia. In this condition, there is a lack of blood flow to some body parts, especially during angina and/or heart failure.

It may, sometimes, be prescribed for treatment diabetic conditions.

The side effects of the drug have not been well documented. Hence, FDA has not approved of its sale in US but it is available over-the-shelf in Russia, Baltic countries and Eastern Europe. Now it is made available by Canadian Health&Care Mall.


How does Meldonium work?

Meldonium works almost like gamma-butyrobetaine. It probably works by inhibiting l-carnitine, which transports fatty acids to the mitochondria so that they can be metabolised to release energy. But if l-carnitine is blocked, the mitochondria have to utilize glucose instead which requires lesser oxygen to metabolize. This reduces oxidative stress on the cells and subsequent cellular damage.

This action of Meldonium helps in accelerating the nerve excitement conduction and thus speeds up general metabolism. The metabolism of glucose in the muscles and nerves increases many times over and hence an athlete is able to receive more energy. This heightened and sustained energy release helps athletes to cope with increased physical loads that they face during training and competitions.

A regular dosage of Meldonium helps the nerves of athletes to absorb psychological stresses during competitions more effectively. Even during the conditions of high stress, it helps nerve cells to maintain their intellectual functions and optimal physical shape.

The unique way Meldonium works, is responsible for it being prescribed in known dosages for various ailments. It is also prescribed for people whose work involves a great deal of psychological stress and physical activities.


Though a prescription was always required to be produced at the counter at the time of purchase of Meldonium pills, but Canadian Health&Care Mall has decided to do away with the prescription while ordering Meldonium, considering the fact that it is also used by heart patients. And people facing high physical and psychological stress. Meldonium pills are also available over the counter in Russia, Baltic countries and East Europe.

The medicines with Meldonium are available as 250 mg and 500 mg pills and in packs of suitable numbers.