Treatment of Chronic Idiopathic Onychodystrophy: MATERIALS AND METHODS

30 Jan

Patients with chronic idiopathic onychodystrophy visiting the outpatient clinic were evaluated. A complete clinical and mycological examination of each patient was done and onychodystrophy asso­ciated with any cause was excluded. Ten patients with chronic idiopathic onychodystrophy were selected for the study and a total of 85 nails were evaluated. We instructed patients to make a cup of carrot juice using about 200 g of raw carrot. The patients were recommended to drink one or two cups of carrot juice daily. The results were assessed on the basis of clinician’s observation and were graded on a 5-point scale as follows: 0 meant no improvement, 1 meant <25%, 2 meant 25 to 50%, 3 meant 50 to 75%, and 4 meant 75 to 100% improvement. Side effects during the course of the treatment were observed.
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