A Case of Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Treated with Wide Excision and Adjuvant Radiotherapy

7 Feb

Adjuvant radiotherapy


Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), also referred as neuroendocrine or trabecular carcinoma, is an uncommon malignancy originally described by Toker in 1972. Although the exact origin of the Merkel cell is unknown, it probably arises from neuro¬endocrine cells between the basal epidermis and then grows vertically into the dermis and sub¬cutaneous tissue. It usually arises in the head and neck area and extremities of elderly people as a nodule or plaque lesion. Cases of MCC have a poor outcome characterized by locoregional and distant relapse. It has been reported that 34% of affected patients die because of the tumor. Recent evidences suggest that surgery and adjuvant locoregional radiotherapy may produce a better disease-free survival compared with surgery alone. Herein we present a case of Merkel cell carcinoma treated with wide excision and adjuvant local radiotherapy. cialis professional