A Case of Cellulitis Associated with Coral Injury

18 Feb



One of the most common injuries in the marine environment is the stings caused by Cnidarians including jellyfish, the Portuguese man of war, hydroids, sea anemones, and coral. Corals are a member of the class Anthozoa, which is composed of many calcified polyps that containing tentacles with nematocysts, venom-filled cells that are re­sponsible for stings and lacerations. Coral injuries present with acute reactions such as pain, erythema, and swelling and may also be complicated by foreign-body reactions, secondary bacterial infec­tions, and/or localized eczematous reactions.

Herein we report a case of cellulitis associated with coral injury of the ankle of 23-year-old man who had been wounded during skin-scuba diving in island of Hainan, China 2 days before his presen­tation to our clinic.
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