Intravenous immune globulin use in Canada(2)

26 Oct

Over the past decade, a variety of organizations and physician consensus panels have published guidelines or usage recommendations for the multitude of off-label uses for which IVIG has and currently is being used . Clinical evidence has clearly established the appropriate use of IVIG in some of these off-label indications. Other uses have been demonstrated to be either inappropriate or still have insufficient information available and therefore further research is required to assess the definitive therapeutic benefit of IVIG. buy ampicillin

The objective of this study was to assess IVIG use from the perspective of total quantity prescribed by indication and medical specialty through retrospective two- and three-year reviews of blood bank dispensing data across 10 hospitals in Canada. The proportion of labelled versus off-label use is described. In addition, off-label use was put into context of being appropriate, inappropriate or requiring further research based on recommendations from two recent Canadian guidelines assessing both expertise of specialists and literature published on a multitude of off-label indications where IVIG had been used . Therefore the proportion of IVIG used in Canada for appropriate indications could also be described.