Adrenalectomy in rats depresses hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in vitro but does not attenuate the pulmonary hypertension of chronic hypoxia (part 8)

17 Aug

chronic hypoxia (part 8)

Effect of chronic hypoxia: At the beginning of the experiment and after exposure to hypoxia, body weight was 291.4±8.4 g and 286±8.5 g, respectively, in sham-operated rats (P<0.05, paired ttest), and 280±7.3 g and 271±9.6 g, respectively, in adrenalectomized rats (P<0.05, paired t test). Therefore, body weight was significantly less after exposure to hypoxia, and weight loss was similar in control and ad-renalectomized rats. There was no mortality during the experiment.

Exposure to 10% O2 for two weeks in an isobaric hypoxic chamber induced hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in both adrenalectomized and sham-operated rats (Table 1). Mean pulmonary arterial blood pressure was increased, and right to left heart weight ratio was significantly higher in both groups kept in the hypoxic chamber. There were no significant differences in the left heart ventricle weights between the groups. Spend less money whenever you want to buy levitra professional online and be sure your medications are costing less and less as you continue shopping with the pharmacy you chose to be your number one destination for efficient drugs required.

TABLE 1 Effect of chronic hypoxia on adrenalectomized and sham-operated control rats

Pap (mmHg)RV/LV+SHematocrit (%)DL (%)
Control group (n = 7)16.0±0.90.269±0.01545.1 ±0.910.4±1.3
Adrenalectomy (n=7)16.2±0.60.297±0.00646.4±0.711.0±1.3
Control group (n = 10)34.7±2.70.396±0.01364.6±1.032.6±4.6
Adrenalectomy (n=7)35.5±3.50.414±0.02059.2±1.6*29.9±2.9

Experimental rats were kept for two weeks at 7 0% Ch (hypoxia) and control rats in room air (normoxia). ЛП values in hypoxic rats were significantly (P< 0.05) different from relevant controls. *There were no significant differences between controls and adrenalectomized rats exposed to normoxia or hypoxia except the value of hematocrit, which was significantly lower in adrenalectomized hypoxic rats. DL Percentage of double laminated distal pulmonary vessels; Pap Pulmonary arterial mean blood pressure; RV/LV+S Ratio of the right ventricle weight to the sum of the weight of the left ventricle and heart septum