Focusing “Down Low”: Bisexual Black Men, HIV Risk and Heterosexual Transmission: METHODS

2 Nov

An extensive review of three databases (Psychlnfo, MEDLINE and AIDSLINE) available on the Internet was conducted. An initial search limited the data to articles on black populations (i.e., “black or African-American or Afro-American”) that mentioned sexual identity or behavior, specifically heterosexuality (i.e., “straight or heterosexual or men who have sex with women”) or homosexuality (i.e., “MSM or men who have sex with men or gay or bisexual or homosexual or down-low or DL”). Citations were then narrowed to studies conducted in the United States from 1980 through June 2004. Only one article per a given study was chosen for inclusion in the review. Four scientific publications mentioned the down-low, but only one collected data and was included in the review. Last, the reference lists of pertinent articles were scanned for other potentially useful citations. A total of 24 articles and two conference abstracts were chosen. flomax 0.4 mg