HFA instead of CFC: difficulties of switchover

9 Sep


The world economic crisis that burst out in 2008 didn’t go away without leaving a trace. In the first place who suffered were common customers that felt its results in the financial sphere. Practically all the goods and services rose in price and it deals with pharmaceutical market as well. Various drugs became unaffordable due to heavy price.
This already difficult situation got worse. People couldn’t find any formerly inexpensive antibiotics, solutions, cheap asthma inhalers and other medicaments. By the way, asthmatics were the first who notice changes. For example, albuterol inhalers, one of the most affordable and essential asthma drugs, went up in 2 and somewhere in 3 times. At the end of 2008 albutarol inhalers, or more exactly chlorofluorocarbon, considered to be harmful for the environment, have been replaced by environmentally friendlier hydrofluoroalkane. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the following HFA inhalers: ProAir HFA Inhalation Aerosol, Proventil HFA Inhalation Aerosol, and Ventolin HFA Inhalation Aerosol; also, another HFA inhaler that contains levalbuterol, a medication similar to albuterol, is sold as Xopenex HFA Inhalation Aerosol. The new price for the medicine disappointed customers.
But happily asthmatics were offered an alternative to cheap asthma inhalers. One of the biggest American companies, Wal-Mart, began to sell an approved HFA inhaler, made exclusively for Wal-Mart by ReliOn, at an affordable low price. The news was good for asthmatics that used to buy cheap asthma inhalers before.
People were concerned about paying higher price for the HFA inhalers out of pocket. And even those patients who have insurance coverage were liable to pay more, because the copays for brand-name medications tend to be higher than generic copays.
Besides, people were complaining to the doctors that the new HFA inhalers don’t have the same effect although they also deliver a softer spray, or the spray from HFA inhalers didn’t come out as cold or as forcefully though the active ingredient was the same.
But everybody knows that every new product is practically always accepted with negative thoughts caused by a habit to compare it with the previous one. Indeed, in the course of time people got used to this new and expensive substitute of cheap asthma inhalers and found its own advantages. Numerous studies showed that the newer inhalers were just as effective as the previous ones and delivered the same dose of albuterol. The only possible difference was in its taste and feeling, but the effect was the same.
Nowadays chlorofluorocarbon asthma inhalers completely disappeared from American drugstores. Doctors prescribe HFA asthma inhalers and there are no patients complaining on sense of discomfort while using the remedy. Never stop using your inhaler or try another one without talking to your doctor first.