Update on the role of H pylori infection: GASTRIC MALT LYMPHOMA AND GASTRIC CANCER

19 Mar

H pylori infectionThere is strong evidence to suggest that infection with H pylori is implicated in low grade gastric MALT lymphomas. Eradication of H pylori in patients with gastric MALT lymphoma results in complete resolution of disease in most cases; therefore, the Canadian Consensus Guidelines recommend eradication of H pylori in all confirmed cases of this type of lymphoma. The presence of H pylori also appears to increase the risk of noncardia gastric cancer, possibly because the progression of H pylori infection results in diffuse chronic atrophic gastritis, a predisposing factor for this type of cancer . In contrast, the presence of H pylori may have a protective effect against cancer of the gastroesophageal junction, although this possible relationship may result from increased protection against H pylori infection in high risk patients. Cheapest treatment – to always have a wide choice of options.