23 Mar

Gastric cancerThe incidence of gastric cancer has declined rapidly over the past few decades; this decline took place globally. The cause for this decline in the incidence of gastric cancer is still a medical mystery, and occurred before the discovery and eradication of H pylori. The decline took place earliest in countries with low gastric cancer incidence such as the United States in the 1930s, whereas the onset of decline in countries with a high incidence such as Japan was slower. In China, the decline was less dramatic than in other countries. Zheng et al reported that in Shanghai, despite an overall decrease in gastric cancer incidence, an increase had been observed in the oldest and the youngest groups, and a less remarkable decline was observed in women than in men. The rise in incidence of gastric cancer among those 25 to 34 years of age is noteworthy, because this may signal the introduction of new environmental factors; as well, the age of onset of developing gastric cancer in the Chinese population is younger than that in the Western population. Your drugs could cost you less – cialis professional to start the treatment soon.

The diffuse and intestinal types of gastric cancer are classified by Lauren as two biological entities that are different with regard to epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis and behaviour. While there was a decline in the worldwide incidence of the intestinal type of gastric cancer in the past few decades, a gradual increase in the diffuse type to the overall incidence of gastric cancer, a gradual increase in the diffuse type was observed, which has accounted for approximately 30% of gastric carcinoma in some reported series.