The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(5)

24 Oct

The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(5)

The CPS does not place therapy in clinical perspective — other sources of evidence-based therapeutic information, such as Therapeutic Choices and Patient Self-Care , must be used with the CPS to accomplish this objective.

Whether you love or hate the CPS may depend on your expectations. The CPhA expects the CPS to provide its readers with the most reliable accurate information about the cheap drugs available in Canada. The association works and liaises continuously with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, members of the Editorial Advisory Panel and Health Canada to this end. Therefore, if you understand its scope and its limitations, it is likely that the CPS will be loved for the contribution that it makes to everyday patient care; it is a reliable, credible, consistent and nearly comprehensive compendium of pharmaceuticals marketed in Canada.

And it will soon be more timely. The CPhA is planning for the electronic CPS to be available on the Web and in a hand-held format in 2003, which is another milestone in the life of a venerable and unique Canadian institution.