The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(4)

23 Oct

Advertising is permitted within the book because the revenue is required to offset publication costs. Advertisers have no influence on the monographs because they are the official monographs, nor do advertisers influence the content of the general monographs prepared by expert CPS editors and volunteer contributors.

It is not comprehensive in that it may not contain every product sold in Canada. It is the choice of the pharmaceutical manufacturer to publish in the CPS. The CPhA encourages participation, but it is not a requirement of the manufacturer. Virtually all new drugs will be submitted by the manufacturer and published when they first reach the market, but cialis professional that have become generic are sometimes omitted except for brief information on strengths and dosage forms. Unfortunately, when manufacturers choose not to publish full product monographs, it results in a disservice to the patients, physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals who rely on the CPS.