The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(3)

22 Oct

The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(3)

The Product Identification Section now has a ‘life of its own’ as the most comprehensive source for drug identification for emergency departments, toxicology services and day-to-day use by health care professionals assessing their patients.

The clinical information section (Clin-Info) was initiated in 1995 and now provides quick reference drug information and dosing tools such as tables of laboratory values and doses of drugs used in cardiac arrest. This section also includes tables of drug and food administration, drugs and grapefruit juice, and cytochrome P450 interactions. buy ortho tri-cyclen

So, what is the CPS?

It is a large, blue book that contains product monographs with official prescribing information that is written by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and approved by Health Canada. The CPhA standardizes the monographs and also provides additional value in the form of peer-reviewed, credible drug information for the safe and effective use of drugs.

What is it not?

It is not biased. The information in the product monographs constitutes what is known about the drug at the time that Health Canada approves it. New information regarding adverse events and contraindications, drug interactions and indications is added as it is reviewed and approved by Health Canada.