The CPS: Love, hate and expectations(2)

21 Oct

The book grew every year — more drugs, more participants and longer monographs. A team of pharmacists and physicians on the panel, together with CPhA editors, developed a system of compiling and evaluating content. They standardized the format of the original monographs so that readers could always find what they were looking for in the same place. The product monographs in the book became consistent CPS-style monographs. The editorial advisory panel added credibility to the reference, and contributed new ideas as well as critical evaluations. buy ortho tri-cyclen online

Many other features designed to help practitioners use drugs appropriately and safely were added over time. General monographs, which were written by experts independently of the product monographs, were incorporated into the monograph section. At first, the intent of these independent monographs was to provide prescribing information for drugs that the manufacturer chose not to publish in the CPS (more on that later). Later, monographs on classes of drugs such as corticosteroids and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors were developed, and now there are 71 in total. In true Canadian style, the first French edition was published in 1968 . Pictures of the drug products were added in 1974 — high quality colour photographs complement the descriptions in the monograph.